The name of this blog, Rainbow Juice, is intentional.
The rainbow signifies unity from diversity. It is holistic. The arch suggests the idea of looking at the over-arching concepts: the big picture. To create a rainbow requires air, fire (the sun) and water (raindrops) and us to see it from the earth.
Juice suggests an extract; hence rainbow juice is extracting the elements from the rainbow, translating them and making them accessible to us. Juice also refreshes us and here it symbolises our nutritional quest for understanding, compassion and enlightenment.

Wednesday 9 June 2021

We've Dug And Dug

 A few days ago (5 June) was World Environment Day.  One of humanity's most damaging effects upon the environment is our mining.  Every hour of every day we extract more than 10 million tons of biomass, fossil fuels, metal, and minerals from the earth.

In the rich nations this extraction equates to some 20 - 30 tons of material for every man, woman, and child over the course of a year.  For poor nations the rate is around 2 - 3 tons.

This video and poem decries this environmental malpractice.  

When you're getting deeper and deeper into a hole, then surely the best thing to do is - stop digging!

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