The name of this blog, Rainbow Juice, is intentional.
The rainbow signifies unity from diversity. It is holistic. The arch suggests the idea of looking at the over-arching concepts: the big picture. To create a rainbow requires air, fire (the sun) and water (raindrops) and us to see it from the earth.
Juice suggests an extract; hence rainbow juice is extracting the elements from the rainbow, translating them and making them accessible to us. Juice also refreshes us and here it symbolises our nutritional quest for understanding, compassion and enlightenment.

Wednesday 15 April 2015

Social Change Crossword

Something a little different this week.  A puzzle that focuses on social justice, community development and sustainability.  Not every clue will exactly fit these themes, but the majority do.  Enjoy.

5. Western psychology posits this as one of the components of the mind. (2)
7 & 3 Down.  Measure of human pressure upon the Earth.  (10, 9)
9. Site of largest oil spill in US history.  ____ of Mexico. (4)
11. International environmental organisation. (10)
13. German Green Party politician.  Presently Vice president of the Bundestag.  Claudia ____ (4)
15.  A renewable energy source.  (5)
16.  International Association for Community Development (abbrev) (1,1,1,1)
20.  Verbal expression that is clear and fluent.  (10)
22.  Type of community (economically) that many community development workers work with and for.  (4)
24. “If you want others to be happy, practice ___________.  If you want to be happy, practice _________.” – Dalai Lama quote. (10)
25 & 4 Down.  __  ___ Campesina.  International Peasant’s Movement.  (2, 3)

1. Max _____, a founder of sociology.  (5)
2.  The planet gets ______ because of global warming. (6)
3. See 6 Across
4. See 22 Across
6. Sign language is important to this community. (4)
8. According to the Buddha, this is one of the three poisons. (5)
10. Sortition is a way of selecting decision makers by this means. (3)
11.  Coefficient (or ratio) of inequality. (4)
12. Tolstoy, Thoreau, Orwell, Le Guin and Tolkien are all famous authors, each also identified as an _________. (9)
14. David ____, 18th century philosopher of logical positivism. (4)
17. A non-government business allied to Fair Trade movement (abbrev) (1,1,1)
18. ____ Fo, Italian actor-playwright known for his political plays and his use of improvisation, (4)
19. A facilitator hopes to ______ discussion from group members. (6)
21. Transition _____. International movement to build resilience at local level. (5)
22.  What a political analyst might use to gauge public opinion. (4)
23. International Paralympic Committee (abbrev). (1,1,1)

The answers to this crossword will be posted here in a months time.  If you would like to check your answers before then, please make a comment (including your email address) or send me an email. (brucemeder (at)

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